Willow Tree over lake
Willow Tree

The weather is quickly reaching warm temperatures, and if you’re looking to plant trees this spring, consider planting ones that will provide some shade! This will not only provide a nice spot for the neighborhood furry friends to relax under but can be used as a great picnic spot.

Best Trees for Shade

  1. Oak trees are a great shade provider.
    Oak Tree
    Oak Tree
    Congress even declared the oak to be American’s national tree in 2004. According to Better Homes and Gardens, the oak tree has more than 60 species that originate in the United States, so you can choose the best oak for your region.
  2. The American hornbeam is a low-maintenance shade tree that can grow almost anywhere. This tree is a bit shorter and has ridged bark with a round shape.
  3. The American sweetgum has star-shaped multi-colored leaves and has become a prized specimen in parks, campuses, and large yards across the country. If you have the space for an American sweetgum it will not only provide a good amount of shade but beautiful colors to your yard as well.
  4. A weeping willow tree is known to provide optimum shade and is native to China. This huge tree is known for its open center, ground-sweeping branches, and long leaves. This tree is a symbol of spring for some and is easy to grow. The weeping willow can grow between 30-40 feet and the same width, and can live between 20-50 years. The weeping willow does best around the edge of ponds, lakes, and rivers.
  5. The northern catalpa
    Northern Catalpa tree
    Northern Catalpa
    is a beautiful white tree with showy flowers with heart-shaped leaves. It is popular for most, including kids. It is not great in every location, but it does grow fast and can be found in parks and yards throughout the country.

Hire a Professional

If you’re interested in planting a tree this spring, Mr. Tree is happy to offer recommendations best for you. As we enter the warmer months, this is a great time to get your existing trees pruned & trimmed. Contact Mr. Tree for more information.