About Our Tree Company

Mike Rupnicki Mr. Tree

It all began in 1988, when Mr. Tree’s founder, Mike Rupnicki, was five years old and spent his days climbing trees. One day, Mike was playing outside his parents’ home in Aston, PA, when his mother came outside and was shocked to find him 70 feet up in the tallest white pine tree on the property. She yelled for him to come down. She was even more surprised when after only a few minutes, her young son came walking in the back door.

Mike always liked climbing trees, but as he grew up, high school football and college were more important priorities. Mike earned his Bachelor of Science in civil engineering in 2007 and his Masters of business administration in 2009, both from Widener University.

After 3 years of employment at an engineering consulting firm, the effects of the recession were overwhelming. Mike survived 3 rounds of layoffs but grew so bored with his work that it was time for a dramatic change.

In 2011, Mike began climbing trees professionally and his tree company, Mr. Tree, was born. Boring days at the office were traded for hard worked days in the field. Today, Mike is living his childhood passion in the trees.

We are looking for full-time employees with a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude to join our crew. For more information, check out our careers page.