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dead tree As a homeowner, you have a lot to think about. From failing dishwashers to gutter clean-outs and other ongoing maintenance – taking care of your home can seem like another full-time job. Mr. Tree understands the stress that can be associated with homeownership. With over 30 years of experience, Mr. Tree can help take some of the burden by providing a free safety check for the trees on your property.

What is a Home & Tree Safety Check?

When you purchase a home, chances are you opted for a home inspection. While this can be a thorough investigation of the condition of your potential home – it can fail to inspect safety hazards around the exterior of the home – including the trees.

With a home & tree safety check from Mr. Tree, our team will conduct an examination of your home’s trees – including their branches, bottom parts of the trees that may be preventing nutrients from flowing to the main trunk of the tree, upper branches, and the visible root system. We will provide maintenance tips and even give a free quote for services if we see any major problems that require tree or branch removal.

Signs of Unsafe Trees

While on your property, not only will we give you maintenance tips, but we can also educate you on the main signs we look for when checking the safety of a tree. These include looking for indicators of:

Ensure the Safety of Your Home from the Inside Out with a Home & Tree Safety Check

It is your responsibility as a homeowner to ensure the safety of your property. This means performing due diligence inside and outside of your home. Trees can pose serious safety hazards – not only can they damage homes, interfere with electrical or telephone wires, or cause fires, but tree falls can be deadly.

*Complimentary service does not include examination of cables from up in the tree by a climber or cherry picker as this requires additional safety gear and liability waivers.

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