When most people picture tree removal, they think of cutting a tree at its base and allowing it to fall, like in the video below:

When using this method for tree removal, it’s crucial that you choose a tree company who communicates well and knows how to control where the tree lands after it falls. Skilled workers will be able to ensure that the tree falls in a safe place so it doesn’t cause property damage or injury.

Other Methods For Tree Removal

Tree professionals call the process of taking down a tree, “felling a tree.” Besides cutting a tree at its base and allowing it to drop, there are several methods we use to fell trees. These include:

Securing the Tree Using a Rope

Depending on which way a tree is leaning, we may need to use a rope, called a guy rope, in order to lower it safely. This method can also be used to keep the tree from landing on a valuable target.

Take a look at this video, from a job in Thornton:

Removing the Tree Piece by Piece

If a tree is particularly large, we begin by stripping it of its branches before taking away the trunk in parts. Using this technique, we have been able to tackle removal jobs on trees as tall as 140 feet! Take a look:

Safety Comes First

Sometimes, we use a combination of these techniques. No matter how tough the tree removal, Mr. Tree will be able to handle it. Every time we take on a project, we keep in mind that safety is the most important factor and our number one priority.