Beautiful, Custom Fences in Delaware County

Whether you just moved into a newly built home that needs landscaping and fencing, or you have decided to accent your property with a beautiful split rail, the Mr. Tree team can make your goals a reality. A new fence is more than just a way to increase security and privacy. While the practical aspect of a fence helps keep your children and pets safe, a fence can add to your home value, curb appeal, and overall aesthetics and design of your home.

Types of Fences

By Design:

Privacy Fence

  • Privacy Fence

    Wanting to hide from prying eyes? The aptly named privacy fence needs to be on your list. Tall and solid, it blocks unwanted eyes and helps reduce noise, offering a refuge for sunbathing, backyard barbecues, or simply escaping the daily grind. Choose wood for a classic touch, metal for sleek modernity, or composite for a low-maintenance haven that won’t rot, warp, or require endless coats of paint.

Picket Fence
  • Picket Fence

    Thinking of a more nostalgic touch? The picket fence delivers. Offering partial visibility while adding a touch of whimsy, it’s perfect for front yards, gardens, or around pools.

Split Rail Fence
  • Split-Rail Fence

    For the rustic lovers try out a split-rail fence. Ideal for defining boundaries in large open spaces or rural settings, it’s simple, horizontal rails add a touch of country character. While wood is typically the go-to, consider composite for a low-maintenance option that won’t succumb to pesky termites or weather woes. Remember, more time admiring rolling hills, less time battling splinters!

Lattice Fence
  • Lattice Fence

    Elegance awaits with a lattice fence. This decorative design allows light and air to flow through, while adding a touch of sophistication. Wood and metal both excel here, offering distinctly different, yet enchanting aesthetics.

Board-on-Board Fence
  • Board-on-Board

    Seeking privacy but can’t sacrifice on ventilation? Look no further than the board-on-board fence. With boards placed close together, it offers visual and noise blockage while allowing air to circulate, preventing that stifling backyard sauna effect.

  • Ornamental Iron

    A beautiful way to extend the elegance and timelessness of your home is with an ornamental iron fence. The types of fences are created with durable wrought iron and embellished with decorative tops that add character and curb appeal.

  • Chain-Link

    A simple way to add security and protection for kids and pets is with a chain-link fence. These budget-friendly options include the ability to customize color and size. Enjoy durability and low-maintenance while staying within your budget.


By Material

Now that you’ve explored the design potential of fences, it’s time to dive into the materials that bring those visions to life. Each option boasts unique strengths and considerations, shaping your backyard experience in its own way. 

Good Fences. Good Neighbors.

If your home could use some added privacy or security, or if you just want to add a beautiful, custom-designed vinyl fence for some curb appeal, Mr. Tree can help. Not only does a high-quality fence protect your kids and pets, but the aesthetics of a new fence will make you the envy of the neighborhood. Get started with a fence design consult today.

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