Taking Down a Tree in Kennett Square

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Using a Crane to Remove a Tree in Kennett Square, PA

A homeowner in Kennett Square recently contacted us to remove a tree that was threatening to fall on their home. In order to safely remove this tree, we used a crane to help us keep it under control.

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Using a Grapple Truck to Take Down a Tree

Banner Image for Media Tree Removal of Red Maple TreeMr. Tree provides tree removal, tree trimming, emergency tree services, and stump removal to Delaware, Chester, and New Castle Counties. We have been in business since 2011, providing fast, reliable, and safe services.

A Tree Removal Job in Media, PA

In the video and photos, you can watch us take care of a particular tricky job. This homeowner in Media wanted us to remove a red oak tree, because the tree’s roots were damaging the driveway. Since they didn’t have enough space for the tree to fall safely, we used a grapple truck to lift it and take it away.

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Removing Three Red Oak Trees

Mike Rupnicki with logs

Trees offer a host of benefits. They add beauty to your yard, their shade can reduce the cost of your heating and cooling bill, and they are good for the earth.

However, there are times when trees do more harm than good. If a tree isn’t growing properly or if it’s dead, it can be hazardous to the safety of your family. The roots can grow up under driveways or other structures and If your tree falls, it could land on a valuable target.

Removing Three Oak Trees in Media, PA

This customer in Media, PA, had three red oaks that needed to be taken down. One of the trees was dead and about to fall down, and the other two were growing toward the house. One of the tree’s roots was disrupting the foundation.

The layout of this yard required serious skill. We ended up having to place our picker 95 feet away! Luckily, our team is always up for a challenge and we can safely execute even the trickiest jobs. Get an inside look at the job in the photo gallery and video below:

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Beware the Emerald Ash Borer

Pennsylvania Ash TreeAsh trees are some of the most beautiful and hardy trees native to the area, but an invasive species of beetle is threatening to kill them all.

The emerald ash borer has a 99% kill rate. The bug is a native to Asia but arrived in the US in the late 1980’s, when it was first spotted in 2002 in Detroit. However, experts say that this beetle has been wreaking havoc on ash trees long before this insect made its first appearance.

The Beetles Have Made Their Way to the Area

Emerald Ash BorerThe beetles have been spotted in 37 states, and that includes almost every county in Pennsylvania, a state that is home to an estimated 306 million ash trees. About 37 million ash trees in Pennsylvania’s state forests have already died.

The beetle works its evil by burrowing underneath the ash tree’s bark. When the larva hatch, they eat their way to the other side of the bark, leaving holes in the bark and cutting off nutrition and growth to the tree.

Protect Your Ash Trees

Once a tree has succumbed to the ash borer, there is little hope in saving it, but Eastern Pennsylvania still has a chance to save its magnificent ashes.

Make sure you’re aware of what type of trees are growing in your yard. If you have an ash tree, now is the time to contact a professional to treat it with a special pesticide that will protect it against the ash borer.

The View From High Up in the Trees

View From the Top of a Tree

Mr. Tree is a reliable, experienced, and safe tree removal service. We also provide tree trimming and pruning, 24/7 emergency services, lot clearing, and more. Our services are available in Chester, Delaware, and New Castle Counties.

The View From High in the Trees

One of our favorite parts of our work here at Mr. Tree is when we’re able to climb high into the trees and see the view. We got the chance to do this during a recent project. Check out the gallery below for details:

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Taking Down a Tree at Riddle Ale House

Trunk in Front of Tree removal job

Mr. Tree is a full service tree company serving Delaware, Chester, and New Castle Counties. We provide tree removal, tree trimming, lot clearing, and emergency services. Our fast, reliable, safe services begin with a free quote.

Taking Down a Tree at a Restaurant in Media

In addition to residential areas, we sometimes take jobs at commercial sites. Recently, we did a tree removal at the Riddle Ale House, a restaurant and bar in the Media area.

Check out the photos in the gallery below for a closer look at the job:

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Remove Your Tree After the Leaves Fall and Save

Now that things are cooling off, the leaves are beginning to fall. While most of us are thinking about closing up our yard for the winter, the colder months can be a good time to remove a tree. Since there is less material to clean up after the leaves fall, Mr. Tree is able to offer a lesser rater for winter tree jobs.

Removing a Tree During Winter in Kennett Square

Watch in slow motion as we take down the top of this tree for a customer in Kennett Square. Taking down a tree piece by piece is a helpful removal method for larger trees.

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Taking Away the Entire Tree

Getting Ready to Remove a Stump

After you get a tree removed, there is one thing that is often forgotten–the stump. Stumps can be unattractive and pose a tripping hazard. Plus, if you had plans of adding a garden, porch, or other fixture to your yard after the tree was removed, the stump will make this difficult.

Removing the Stump After Taking Down the Tree

The gallery below contains photos from a recent project where we ground away a stump for a customer. Take a look to get a feel for how we remove tree stumps:

Click here to learn more about our stump grinding services.

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Removing a Tree in Middletown

Removing a Tree in Middletown PA

There are many reasons why a tree may need to be removed. Perhaps it’s getting leaves, sap, or needles all over the place. It could be blocking out sunlight, obstructing a view, or have roots that are doing damage to a driveway or other feature in your yard.

In some cases, it’s critical that you remove a tree as quickly as possible. If the tree is dead or threatening to fall, you need to act fast. A falling tree can cause property damage, and death or injury. Even if a tree falls on someone else’s yard or onto public property, if it originated on your property, it’s your responsibility.

Visit our tree removal page for more information.

A Recent Job in Middletown PA

We recently took down this tree for a Middletown homeowner. Here are some more shots from during the job:

Remember to keep an eye on your trees to ensure they are growing healthfully and safely.