backyard trees

During the summer, you are at a unique advantage to check the health of your trees. Since the leaves are in full bloom, it’s usually pretty obvious which branches are unhealthy.

Don’t miss your chance! Now that summer is winding down, take the opportunity to inspect your trees before the leaves start to change.

3 Questions to Ask During Your Summer Tree Inspection

Does Your Tree Need to be Pruned? Most tree pruning should occur during dormant times, but every now and then, a situation will arise when a summer pruning is necessary. If your tree has a diseased or damage branch, it should be removed for safety reasons and for the health of your tree. For your safety, this is a task best left to professionals.

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season? Make sure your trees don’t have any loose branches. Weak branches may need to be cabled or braced at this time–hurricane season is about to arrive. If there’s a tree you’re unsure about, now is the time to consult a professional.

Do You Have Any Tree Pests? Have any unwanted critters taken up residence in your trees? Many pests are active during the summer, such as: spotted lantern flies, gypsy moths, emerald ash borers, Japanese Beetles, and spider mites. Throughout the warmer months, periodically check your trees for signs. If you catch an infestation early, you have a better chance of controlling it and saving your tree.

Also, watch out for mushrooms growing at the base of your tree, that’s a sign of decay. If you have any trees growing at an angle, it’s a good idea to inspect the area for signs of erosion.

If you need assistance with your tree care, contact the team at Mr. Tree!