Tree rootsTrees are made up of plenty of important parts including, a trunk, branches, leaves, and roots. All of these parts of a tree work together to keep a tree alive, similar to a human body. Trees also need nutrients to stay alive, just like the human body. However, trees make their own nutrients using sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. If a tree is given all the nutrients and a good environment, it will flourish and grow.

The Importance of Tree Roots

Roots are the foundation of a tree, they hold it in place. Without healthy roots, we wouldn’t have a healthy tree. Roots are shallow: they are only about 6-12 inches below the surface, but they extend much further. Trees roots absorb vital nutrients and water from the soil that trees need. Without roots, trees would blow over in the wind and storms.

5 Tips To Keep Your Trees’ Roots Healthy

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Roots can lift sidewalks, invade flower beds, and damage foundations if they’re not cared for properly. Because of this, people often opt to cut their tree roots where it seems best, but this can hurt the tree. Be sure to follow these tips to ensure that your tree’s roots are healthy and safe:

1. During dry, hot months trees need to be watered deeply. You can check if the soil around the roots is wet by using a screwdriver, hand towel, or soil probe. If the soil is wet and stick give it a few days before you water your roots. When you go to water your roots, apply water slowly to soak the soil 12-18 inches below the surface.

2. Roots also need oxygen. Allow the soil to dry for several days between watering sessions. Avoid placing new soil or compacting the ground underneath the tree. New soil can suffocate the roots.

3. Try and keep other flowers away from the base of the tree. When planting them you can disturb the roots.

4. Spread mulchunderneath the tree to protect the roots and provide it with extra moisture and nutrients.

5. Talk with a professionalif you’re having trouble with tree roots. Professionals can give you more tips on your personal case and determine the health of your tree’s roots.

Contact A Professional Tree Service

If you’re worried about the health of any tree roots that are on your property, contact Mr. Tree today. We can help safely remove tree roots, stumps, and entire trees.