Tree falling into a house A dead tree is more than just an eyesore! If the roots are rotting or branches are falling, it can be a hazard. A dead tree may seem like it would be easy to spot with the naked eye, but this is not always the case.

Signs of a Dead Tree

  • Leaves: Observe the leaves on the tree. This could be the clearest evidence that your tree is dying. Some trees will take time to grow leaves, but if there are no leaves by August, it can be a sign of a serious problem. When there are no leaves during the winter you can look for tree buds. If they are non-existent, the tree could be dead.
  • Branches: If you see multiple branches dying from the tips, especially in clusters, the tree is experiencing stress and declining in health. You can test if a branch is alive by taking a small twig and bending it between two fingers. If it bends easily, then it’s alive. If it is brittle and it breaks, it’s most likely dead.
  • FungusIf you see fungus growing from the roots, this is a good indication that your tree might be dead. The tree trunk might be rotted out and fungus may start growing.
  • Roots: If roots are lifting out of the ground and separating from the ground, the tree is destabilized.
  • Trunk: If there is a large section of bark peeling off the trunk of the tree, this can be a warning sign. If there is rot around or near the trunk, the tree might need to be removed. But, a hollow tree trunk does not always mean that a tree is dying.

Aston Banner Causes of Dead Trees

  • A common cause of dead trees is construction damage. Driving over roots or digging a large trench can affect the health of your roots.
  • Landscaping work, such as excess mulch or weed whacking, can cause a tree to die. Check around your tree to ensure that the mulch isn’t blocking the tree’s oxygen supply and be sure to be careful when cutting your lawn.
  • Severe lack of water prevents a tree’s roots from developing, causing the tree to die quickly.

Contact A Professional Tree Company

If you notice any of these signs on a tree that’s on your property, be sure to call a professional. Not all dead trees need to be removed. Dead trees are part of our ecosystem and house many animals. But, it’s important to remove any dead trees that may be a threat to your home or family if it were to fall. Contact Mr. Tree for an estimate today!