mr tree uses crane No tree is too big – no stump is too small. The Mr. Tree team recently tackled a large job requiring a crane. The crews removed 7 trees and provided stump grinding – turning the trees into mulch for future landscaping projects.

Using a Crane for Tree Removal

While taking down 7 trees in one go isn’t unusual for our team, the size of some of these sections – and the constraints of the property – made the job a bit tougher. Due to the physical limitations of the surrounding area, we couldn’t just fell the trees without causing damage. Instead, we used a crane to carefully lift out the sections, ensuring safe removal without causing any damage and keeping both property and people protected.

Safer Tree Removal in PA

If you have a tree (or 7) that requires removal – do not attempt to remove these yourself. Trees can cause a lot of damage to property or harm to people nearby. Additionally, there may be electrical or other utilities that pose a greater risk as well. The Mr. Tree team are experts in assessing whether or not a tree poses any danger and we are diligent in providing the safest option for removal. This may include cranes, multiple crews, and a lot of patience. Contact us today for a tree removal quote or to have your trees inspected!