large tree uprooted

Sometimes you can’t plan for tree removal. Especially where we’re used to wild weather and crazy winds. That’s why it’s smart to always keep an eye out for trees that could cause trouble for your property or safety. Emergencies can still happen, no matter how prepared we are.

Timely Response Prevents Damage

Early on a Saturday morning, Mr. Tree was called to a tree emergency. Overnight, the wind had uprooted a large tree and had pulled up the surrounding ground and soil. The tree had not yet fallen but was leaning toward several other large trees. If the other trees were knocked over, they would cause a lot of damage to the customer’s home. Within just a few short hours, our crews were on site to safely remove the tree, preventing serious damage to the home and potential injury to the homeowner and their family. You can see by the picture just how large this tree was!

Be Proactive About Tree Safety

Emergencies like this serve as a reminder of the importance of being proactive about tree safety on your property. Regular tree inspections by Mr. Tree can help identify potential hazards before they become emergencies. If you have trees that are leaning, diseased, or damaged, don’t wait until it’s too late—take action to address the issue and prevent accidents or damage. At Mr. Tree, we’re committed to keeping your property safe and beautiful. Contact us today for a tree inspection or emergency tree removal services, and let us help you protect your home and loved ones from tree-related risks.