How Much Does Tree Removal Cost in PA?

In today’s age, we are used to finding out the cost of a product or service in an instant. All it takes is a quick Google search, and we have our answer. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t applicable to certain situations, including tree removal. There are many factors that could affect the cost of a tree […]

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The Best Time to Cut Dead Tree Branches

Knowing when to remove the dead branches and limbs from your tree can be difficult. In general, dead limbs should be removed when they are noticed – but finding dead branches can be tricky. The best time to check for dead branches is after the fall leaves are gone, mulched, or buried under snow, and […]

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Communication between workers is crucial during tree jobs

5 Best Trees for Shade

The weather is quickly reaching warm temperatures, and if you’re looking to plant trees this spring, consider planting ones that will provide some shade! This will not only provide a nice spot for the neighborhood furry friends to relax under but can be used as a great picnic spot. Best Trees for Shade Oak trees are […]

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How Wide Are the Roots of Your Tree?

As a homeowner, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that tree roots can be damaging. They can uplift sidewalks, grow into your pipes or sewer lines, and even crack foundations. If you are buying a home, you’ll notice during the inspection that the inspector will spend time looking for signs of tree root damage […]

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How Long Does it Take to Remove a Tree?

Depending on your area, property type, age of the property, etc. you may have many different types and sizes of trees. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the trees on your property are in a safe location and do not pose threats to homes, animals, people, or electrical/utility lines. You may […]

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Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in PA?

It happens more often than homeowners would like. Fallen or leaning trees can pose a lot of dangers to people, property, and wildlife and need to be removed as soon as possible to avoid hazards. The question is: whose responsibility is it to remove fallen trees in Pennsylvania? While many homeowners can clean up their […]

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Is a Leaning Tree Dangerous?

There has been a lot of rough weather this fall. With high winds and powerful rain, it can wreak havoc on your landscaping, and even on some of your toughest, oldest trees. The question that many homeowners have is whether or not certain damage, or even the way a tree is standing, poses a dangerous […]

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There’s Something Off with the Pennsylvania Oak Trees

If you are a homeowner who has an oak tree, or several, on your property, you may have noticed that something hasn’t been quite right. During the summer, we usually expect all of our foliage to turn green and lush, providing us with much-needed shade and shelter during the heat of the season. Sadly, many […]

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What’s Killing Pennsylvania’s Ash Trees

There is a lot to be concerned about when it comes to our natural world. With shifting climates, we are seeing more natural species and vegetation being lost. There is another natural disaster happening, though, to our trees. In Pennsylvania, we are so fortunate to be home to big, beautiful trees of many different species […]

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