Different Ways to Take Down a Tree

When most people picture tree removal, they think of cutting a tree at its base and allowing it to fall, like in the video below: When using this method for tree removal, it’s crucial that you choose a tree company who communicates well and knows how to control where the tree lands after it falls. […]

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What is Black Knot Fungus?

Black knot disease is a warty, black mass that appears on trees. It can be anywhere from an inch to a foot long. If the mass is older, it can take on a pinkish undertone caused by mold. It is most common in cherry and plum trees, but other fruit trees can also be infected. […]

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black knot fungus

How to Prevent a Gypsy Moth Infestation

Gypsy moths are a forest pest that feeds on native trees. Since the 70’s, these caterpillars have been one of the main concerns facing trees in PA. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation of Natural Resources (DCNR) issued a warning about Gypsy Moths. Though they most often feed on oak trees, they can also be found […]

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Ways We Reuse Trees

Mr. Tree is a full-service tree company serving Delaware and Chester Counties. Our fast, reliable, and safe services include emergency services, tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, and lot clearing. Making Use of Leftover Wood Firewood: One of the ways we process wood for use after a tree comes down is by cutting it up […]

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Watch Out for These 4 Trees

Many trees make fantastic additions to Pennsylvania yards. Our favorites include paperback maples, pin oaks, sugar maples, and red oaks (pictured above). However, certain trees can cause more harm than good. They can give off a foul odor, shed nasty seeds and sap, create a haven for pests, or split apart easily during storms. If […]

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The Importance of Deadwooding Your Tree

Deadwooding is the practice of removing dead branches from your tree. It’s a crucial part of tree maintenance that cuts away loose or dying branches, which are the most likely to be knocked loose during a storm. April and May are good months to take care of this maintenance step, and by the time hurricane […]

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