Stump Removal

stump grinding

Specializing in Aston Stump and Tree Root Removal

Stump grinding is another effective way to remove unattractive tree remnants from a property. There are several benefits to grinding stumps and roots which include:

  • Removing obstructions from yard
  • Preventing the tree from growing back
  • Removing a potential haven for insects
  • Gaining yard space
  • Removing a tripping hazard by grinding away surface roots

Additionally, if a tree has a root or two in the way, they can be removed without harming the tree.

What Happens Next?

After tree stump/root removal, you can add a patch of landscape or grass. By removing the tree stump, you can create a perfect spot to plant a new tree, or facilitate a grading or construction project. The stump grinding process results in a mulch-like byproduct, which can be hauled away for an additional fee.

We provide stump grinding to all of Chester and Delaware Counties.