Specializing in Aston Stump and Tree Root Removal

Stump grinding is another effective way to remove unattractive tree remnants from a property. There are several benefits to grinding stumps and roots which include:

  • Removing obstructions from yard
  • Preventing the tree from growing back
  • Removing a potential haven for insects
  • Gaining yard space
  • Removing a tripping hazard by grinding away surface roots

Additionally, if a tree has a root or two in the way, they can be removed without harming the tree.

What Happens Next?

After tree stump/root removal, you can add a patch of landscape or grass. By removing the tree stump, you can create a perfect spot to plant a new tree, or facilitate a grading or construction project. The stump grinding process results in a mulch-like byproduct, which can be hauled away for an additional fee.

We provide stump grinding to all of Chester and Delaware Counties.

The team at Mr. Tree can remove any tree, no matter the size.

Learn more about our large tree removal services and costs.

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Mr. Tree services all of the Philadelphia area including Delaware County and Chester County

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