Our customers often ask about our tree cutting services. Tree cutting is not an industry term, but we understand that customers who ask for tree cutting are typically looking for either tree pruning or tree removal.

Tree professionals use the term “pruning” to refer to the process of strategically cutting branches from a tree, and “tree removal” for the process of taking down a tree. Laypeople often call both of these processes “tree cutting.”

Why You Need to Cut Your Tree Regularly

Cutting your trees on a regular schedule is great for your tree’s health and also improves its appearance. A tree that has been well taken care of will have no dead branches, and sunlight will be able to reach the ground all the way from the top of the tree.

Sometimes, it’s important to remove dead branches because they pose a safety hazard. In other cases, the tree may need to be shaped as it grows.

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Why You May Need to Remove a Tree

Our customers have removed trees for many reasons. Sometimes, the tree blocks a view, limits the sunlight in your yard, or is just plain ugly. Other times, the tree sheds leaves, seeds, or sap that limits the functionality of your yard.

In different cases, a tree is dead or structurally compromised, posing a safety hazard to your family and neighbors.

Benefits of Working With Mr. Tree

The team at Mr. Tree works well together. Good communication among the team benefits us well during tree cutting jobs. During the process, workers on the ground need to communicate well with workers doing the actual cutting toward the top of the tree since the workers down below are seeing the tree from the homeowner’s perspective.

No matter the tree removal job, we always prioritize safety. Our services are available to home and business owners in Delaware and Chester County.

The team at Mr. Tree can remove any tree, no matter the size.

Learn more about our large tree removal services and costs.

Our Service Area

Mr. Tree services all of the Philadelphia area including Delaware County and Chester County

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