Mike Rupnicki with logs

Trees offer a host of benefits. They add beauty to your yard, their shade can reduce the cost of your heating and cooling bill, and they are good for the earth.

However, there are times when trees do more harm than good. If a tree isn’t growing properly or if it’s dead, it can be hazardous to the safety of your family. The roots can grow up under driveways or other structures and If your tree falls, it could land on a valuable target.

Removing Three Oak Trees in Media, PA

This customer in Media, PA, had three red oaks that needed to be taken down. One of the trees was dead and about to fall down, and the other two were growing toward the house. One of the tree’s roots was disrupting the foundation.

The layout of this yard required serious skill. We ended up having to place our picker 95 feet away! Luckily, our team is always up for a challenge and we can safely execute even the trickiest jobs. Get an inside look at the job in the photo gallery and video below:

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