Removing a Tree in Middletown PA

Tree Service in Middletown, PA

There are many reasons why a tree may need to be removed. Perhaps it’s getting leaves, sap, or needles all over the place. It could be blocking out sunlight, obstructing a view, or have roots that are doing damage to a driveway or other feature in your yard.

In some cases, it’s critical that you remove a tree as quickly as possible. If the tree is dead or threatening to fall, you need to act fast. A falling tree can cause property damage, and death or injury. Even if a tree falls on someone else’s yard or onto public property, if it originated on your property, it’s your responsibility.

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Tree Removal in Middletown

We love beautiful trees, but sometimes it becomes a safety issue when a tree dies and is not immediately removed. Fortunately, these homeowners in Middletown contacted us right away, and we were able to get this dead tree removed without incident.

As you can see from the video and pictures, this tree had no new growth and posed a risk to the home and other trees nearby. Dead trees can become a home for pests and other unwanted creatures, so removing them is essential for the health of surrounding trees and plant life. If you have a dead tree on your property, do not wait. Give our team a call, and let us take care of it!

A Recent Tree Job in Middletown PA

We recently took down this tree for a Middletown homeowner. Here are some more shots from during the job:

Remember to keep an eye on your trees to ensure they are growing healthfully and safely.

The team at Mr. Tree can remove any tree, no matter the size.

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