Tree Service in Newtown Square, PA

After tree removal in Newtown Square

Tree removal often requires some outside-of-the-box strategy. The shape of the tree, the terrain of the space, and proximity to any buildings are just a few of the factors that affect the way tree professionals approach each job.

Mr. Tree has been serving Chester & Delaware Counties since 2011. Since then, we’ve worked to hone a team that communicates well together and prioritizes safety first, followed by speed and reliability.

Removing Multiple Pine Trees in Newtown Square

Not long ago, we were called to remove multiple trees in front of a Newtown Square home.

This home was surrounded by three pine trees. These trees were extremely large so we had to take each one down in smaller, manageable, pieces. Once removed, we were able to see how large and open the property was.

Removing a Tree in Newtown Square

Tree Removal GifWe completed a Newtown Square tree removal for one of our customers.

During this job in Newtown Square, we were hired to remove a tree that was too large to take down in one piece. We decided to remove the tree piece by piece, in order to make it more manageable.

Removing a Tree With a Crane in Newtown Square

We recently did some more work in Newtown Square, where we used a crane to remove a large tree. Check it out:

removing a tree with a crane

We also take jobs in nearby Bryn Mawr and Chester.

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