Mike Holding Up Signs Behind Logs

Mr. Tree is a full-service tree company serving Delaware and Chester Counties. Our fast, reliable, and safe services include emergency services, tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, and lot clearing.

Making Use of Leftover Wood

Firewood: One of the ways we process wood for use after a tree comes down is by cutting it up into smaller pieces that can be used for firewood or mulch.

Check out this photo of us using our equipment to split logs for firewood.

Wood Chips: Another method we commonly use to re-purpose trees after they are cut down is by making them into wood chips.

We are often able to use the wood chips as mulch, which is the most common use for our trees.

Furniture and Other Projects: High-quality logs go to the sawmill where they are turned into boards and become lumber. Some of our customers have used trees from their yard as materials for projects in their homes.

One customer made hardwood floors with wood from an oak tree that was once in their yard, and another made a 10′ X 16′ X 6′ fireplace mantel out of a white oak that was removed to make space for an addition.

There is also a new demand for certain types of maple logs. They have different grains, some are called tiger stripes and others wormy. These patterns occur when insects burrow into the wood while the tree is alive, resulting in designs that makes for interesting counter-tops and furniture.

Get Started With Our Services

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