Spring is known to be the season for gardening, planting trees, and spending lots of time outside. Not only is it nice to spend time gardening in the spring but it is also a healthy time for your plants and trees to be added.

Benefits of Planting Trees In Spring

  1. Tree behind fenceNurseries have the biggest selection during the spring months. You are able to choose from multiple different trees, picking the best for you and your yard this spring! You may be limited by selection at other times of the year.
  2. Planting a tree in the spring gives the tree a fair chance to grow all summer long to be better equipped for the winter. We are only seeing what is going on above the surface, but it’s important to remember that when a tree is freshly planted it needs to make roots under the surface. When you plant in the spring it gives the tree enough time to make new leaves and roots, which provides the tree with the sugars it needs to grow.
  3. Alongside the sugars required for tree growth, trees also need water. A new tree has a smaller, more limited root system which can be a problem when it comes to getting enough water. The spring showers will help with this issue and allow the tree to grow properly!

Contact a Professional Tree Company

If you’re thinking about planting a new tree this spring, feel free to contact us here at Mr. Tree for some tips and tricks. The spring is also a great time for tree pruning, after a good trimming your tree is ready to take on the nice warm months to come.